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Active INTELLIGENT Websites

Discover How To INCREASE The Effectiveness of Your Website to Fuel The Growth of Your Business

Discover How Improving The INTELLIGENCE of Your Website Can Help You Grow Your Business

Your website is the backbone of your digital marketing strategy, so it is imperative that your website does justice to your brand and creates a good impression to visitors.
  • Don’t Let Potential Customers Get Lost On Your Website
  • Don’t Force Customers To Decipher Your CORE Message

How ACTIVE and INTELLIGENT Is Your Current Website?

  • How many new visitors do you ACTIVELY attract, per day, per week, per month, or per year?
  • Does your website ACTIVELY collect and track visitor information and activity on the entire website?
  • Do you ACTIVELY FOLLOW UP and RE-TARGET these visitors on Social Media and across the internet?

When potential customer search online for your products and services:

  • Can they find your website (your business)?
  • And, if they find your business, does your website promote your 5-STAR BRAND?
  • Are you using videos on your website to ACTIVELY promote your services to current and potential customers?

Most local business websites are STATIC BROCHURE STYLE websites, that have not been changed or updated since they were developed. And, these websites do not ACTIVELY add any additional content to promote and showcase their services and special offers.

Also, if these local businesses do promote their services and special offers online, most of the responding visitors are usually directed to their website’s home page which often DOES NOT directly connect or explain the offer that is being promoted.

In fact, your website’s Home Page may be crippling your business online!

The home page of your website is often the WRONG place to send visitors who are responding to a special promotion. The main purpose of the home page of your business website, should be to provide a general overview of your business, your services, and, your unique value proposition.


Because your business’ unique value proposition is the core marketing message, that will differentiate you, from your competition.

Here’s Why You Need An INTELLIGENT Website

Your Website Is The CORE Component of Your Online Digital Marketing Strategy

Prioritize your website

Your digital marketing should really be centered around your website. As an example, you might use social media marketing, PPC and email advertising to find new prospects, but ultimately you will most likely be directing people back to your website. If your website is not well designed and optimized, you aren’t going to achieve successful results from your campaigns.

Your website should:

• Have a professional visual design
• Be user-friendly (logical navigation, clear categories, etc.)
• Be mobile-friendly
• Contain relevant, up-to-date content

Is Your Website Attracting The Right Audience (Visitors)?

Your website needs to have the right mix of keywords and search phrases to “pre-answer” and “anticipate” the questions (searches) that potential customers will have about your products and services. This is typically referred to as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Your ideal audience is a qualified audience. And, a qualified audience will lead to better conversions of your visitors into paying customers.

Does Your Website Promote Visibility and Growth of Your Brand?

In this fat-paced online economy, 90% of people use
the search engines (especially google) to search online for information on products, services, or businesses. Your website needs to be visible in order for it to be viable in your local marketplace. This is critical to ensuring the long-term growth of your online brand.

Is Your Website Increasing Leads and Generating More Sales For Your Business?

Your INTELLIGENT website is your 24/7/265 main doorway to your business.

Your website should be performing better than your best salesperson by communicating faster and more convincingly and consistently to your visitors. Your website MUST clearly articulate your business’ core value proposition and marketing messages -quickly and effectively- to your visitors. Your INTELLIGENT needs to be the ENGINE the drives your overall digital marketing strategy.

Here’s How To Use An INTELLIGENT Website

Using Videos On Your Website Is The Most Efficient Way To Quickly Convey Your Business’ CORE Marketing Messages

Video Marketing can accomplish all the work that traditional marketing does, however, ACTIVE Video Marketing can quickly amplify the effects of your marketing messages.

Can We Help Your Website Become Intelligent?

Marketing your small business can be tough. But without an attractive website with built-in marketing features, it could be a waste of your time.

As you know, most consumers today go online to find local products and services. And if your website is outdated, slow-loading, or simply just hard on the eyes, you may notice that it’s not doing anything at all to help you increase leads and sales.

Or maybe you don’t even have a website at all – which means you virtually have no “virtual home,” which would be an instant turn-off for most of your potential customers.

Instead, many of them are probably going to your close competitors who have taken measures to establish an online home where people can learn more about their business. Not only that, but this is where they are converting their leads into new customers with various marketing features such as lead capture, videos, blogging, and more.

As you can imagine, this puts your company at a major disadvantage and could seriously impact your ability grow.

Is Your Website Educating and Inspiring Action?

Your website need to provide helpful content at every stage of the buying cycle, paired with the correct calls-to-action, to inspire visitors to take action and purchase your products and services. This is the most important metric for determining ROI and the long-term growth of your business.

Does Your Website Promote and Retain Customer Loyalty?

Your website need to provide compelling reasons to for potential customers to revisit your website and further engage with its content, features and calls-to-action. This is key to ensure the long-term growth of your online presence.

Is Your Website Outsmarting Your Competitors?

Are You ACTIVEY Tracking What Your Competition Is Doing?

Either you, or your competitor, is going to engage your potential customers first. The key to winning this race is to develop a smart website content strategy that anticipates and addresses your potential customer’s inquiries. You need a SMART – INTELLIGENT website.

What We Do

Whether you’re looking to have your first website created, or looking to give your site a complete redesign, our expert team will work with you to create a high quality, easy to manage site that accurately reflects your brand.

One thing that sets us apart from many of our competitors is our dedication to custom website development. This means we don’t just use standard templates and generic content. Everything from the websites functionality and appearance, to the user experience will be built in accordance with your requirements.

In this fast-paced digital age, with millions of websites out there, standing out from the crowd isn’t easy. But we have you covered. Our focus is making sure each and every one of our clients have the best website to meet their specific individual needs based on your target audience and what you want to accomplish.

INTELLIGENT Websites Are Designed To Get Results
  • Get a beautiful, responsive, single page smart website that’s focused on achieving your goal.
INTELLIGENT Websites Should Clearly Tell Your Company’s Story
  • The majority of current websites do a very poor job of storytelling. However, storytelling is shown time and time again to be the best way to communicate with one another. The goal of an INTELLIGENT website is to communicate, and storytelling on the website is the best communication vehicle.
  • Beyond just words on a page, an INTELLIGENT website can create interactive and rich narratives which can lead to both rational and emotionally-satisfying engagements. One of the primary goals is to reduce the disjunct page-jumping mode of engagement and create seamless stories that flow across a single page (e.g., your home page) .
INTELLIGENT Websites Have A Clear Call-To-Action On Each Page
  • The clear Call-To-Action will greatly boost your website conversion. The Call-To-Action will enable visitors to easily and quickly take the action that you are requesting. For example, “Book An Appointment Now”, or, “Place Order Here”, etc. The Call-To-Action should be clearly visible at the top of each page and above the fold.
INTELLIGENT Websites Should Work Natively On Any Device
  • On desktop mobile phone or tablet, INTELLIGENT websites deliver an seamless and effective experience for the user. Most customer will interact with your website via the mobile devices (mobile phones).

Ready To Make Your Website More Intelligent?

Here are the key components that we will help you implement to increase to “INTELLIGENCE QUOTIENT” of your website.

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